Hani M. Al Zubair - Chairman

The Zubair Automotive Group is justly proud of becoming a trusted name and distributor of world class automobiles in the Sultanate of Om  an for nearly four decades.

From our early days as the Chrysler distributor back in 1973 our business has grown tremendously and today we are proud to be the distributor of the widest range of powered vehicles – from leading SUVs, family saloon cars, All Terrain Vehicles, watercraft, commercial vehicles and trucks to high end luxury cars.

in the creation of a vibrant and dynamic automotive sector in Oman and making vehicles accessible to all through our comprehensive network of showrooms and parts and servicing facilities in all corners of the Sultanate.

As our nation has grown – so has our company. Our business has been one catalyst in helping to stimulate economic growth and prosperity for the nation.

The Zubair Automotive Group is immensely proud of its Omani heritage – something we recognise in our commitment to the training, development and career development of so many young and talented Omanis.

We have a long and distinguished heritage – and with the help of our staff, our customers, our suppliers, business partners and shareholders – we are dedicated to building an even more successful future.