Brand Manager
Sameh Gamil
Mobile: +968 99423182
Email: sameh@ihe-oman.com
Marketing Manager
J. Kannan
Mobile: +968 92860909
Email: kannan@ihe-oman.com
Assistant Sales Manager
Issa Mohammed Al Qasmi
Mobile: +968 92994423
Email: issa@ihe-oman.com
National Service Manager
Mangesh Karekar
Mobile: +968 99237126
Email: mangesh-karekar@ihe-oman.com
Spare Parts Manager
Sunil Nair
Mobile: +968 99432964
Email: sunil.sn@ihe-oman.com


The Best Driving Force


Volvo Trucks is the second largest producer of heavy trucks and transport solutions within the entire truck industry.

We supply the haulage industry with complete transportation solutions and our customers are supported by over 2300 dealerships and workshops in more than 140 countries.

We create reliable transport solutions for clients all over the world - without ever compromising the Safety, Quality and Environmental care that we carefully build into each of our trucks.

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